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 According to Darthvader

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PostSubject: According to Darthvader   Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:28 pm

1. The wall lvl always gives a bonus to either the defending team or the attacking team (it only gives a bonus to the defending team if the wall lvl isn't high enough).
Therefor it's handy to be upgrading the wall at every lvl you upgrade your town hall too.
The bonus is: 1lvl town hall, lvl 1 wall = 10% bonus....
lvl 2 town hall, lvl 1 wall = 7% bonus
lvl 2 town hall and lvl 2 wall = 20% bonus....
but for example if you have a lvl 12 town hall and a lvl 2 wall then the bonus is -4% which gives the bonus to the attacking team.

(hope you understand that tip...it's a very hard one to discribe as well as understand).

1. Make sure to use the alliance circulate message a lot...for example to tell you have been attacked, or trade, or wanting to know some things.

Make sure to keep your citizens happy because if they become angry your losing citizens. and trust me...that ain't fun.
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PostSubject: Re: According to Darthvader   Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:05 pm

Tip. Get a high military score...keep it above 1.000 otherways the bigger players might think of you as a possible farm.

Tip. Make sure you've got a upkeep in the +. if not then you either have to upgrade your town hall to get more people (by growth) or you have to dismiss units, or you can get less people on resourses (first one is the best).

Tip. React to other peoples circulated messages about trading resourses, think of this alliance as the Eastern Indian Trading Company. We fight those who resist and trade alot of resourses with out own men.

It's really awesome to have a good economy we can all trust on.

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According to Darthvader
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